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"Air guitar made real - at long last." -Eliot Van Buskirk (Wired Magazine)

"There’s something profoundly awesome in seeing air guitar solos and hearing them produce an original sound."
-Callie Enlow (The Deli Magazine)

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The Air Band
is a performance ensemble of composers, musicians, mad scientists. They perform using homebuilt midi devices, hi-jacked video game controllers and laptop computers. Their music ranges from eccentric covers of popular tunes to abstract soundscapes, and a verity of experiemental and improvised forms in between. The Airband has performed in experimental music venues, art galleries and comedy venues in NYC. The Airband gets its name from the first home build devices the band used to make music. The device known as the MIDI Airguitar works much like a traditional airguitar except the airguitarist can actually make and control the music. The Airband members eventually developed other instruments such as the airdrums, techno-matic and motion-synth to create a full range of expressive instruments. The Airband members have several independent projects that inform and inspire the work of the ensemble. See links to member's home pages.


The Band

Langdon C. Crawford is an electronic musician, inventor and educator living and working in NYC. he has been developing performance/composition systems with electronics since 1999. Starting with guitars, effects and sequencers, he moved into computer music, eventually incorporating graphics and sensor controlled interaction. He has a masters of music technology from NYU. He currently teaches music technology and electronic music at NYU and Manhattan School of Music.

William David Fastenow is a composer, producer, and performer living in New York City. His recent projects include multimedia work Lifelines: A Voiceless Opera; Efflorescence, commissioned by baritone saxophonist Shirantha Beddage Bay Symphony Orchestra; the debut CD Ullswater, recorded by the William David Fastenow Jazz Orchestra. Film and television include NBC's The Jane Pauley Show, HBO's Baghdad CSH and House Arrest, John Michael Williams' The Easter Anthony Lover's My Brother, and Jonathan Caouette's Tarnation. He has an MM from the Manhattan School of Music.

Timothy Pattison is a musician and music industry professional living and working in New York City. His interest in electronic music lead him to co-forming the band 6-42 Nation and joining The Air Band. He has worked with independent artist and musicians such as Ana Joy, Mark Snyder, and David Parfit. He currently works at Spirit Music Group where he pitches music for video games, helps discover new artists and maintains the company's digital media. He has a masters of music technology from New York University.



Laura Sinnott
Ryland Shelton
Jennifer Stock & Soundbook One

Aleksei Stevens
Jacek Lesniak (band photography)